The wind is howling and the house is silent. The house makes popping sounds every time the wind blows. You feel frozen. Frozen that if you get out from under the covers something will get you. Life can be the same way. We can be silently hurting or suffering and just keep it covered up because we feel safe. I challenge you to be BRAVE and tell what you are hiding from. What is it that is paralyzing you from personal growth? How bad will it truly be to share your burdens?

The thought of allowing something in your life to control your mind and keep you from being the best you must end. You must come to the dead end and decide how you will begin to expose the mess you hide behind. It may be small. It may be huge but nothing is better than having someone be a support system and not walking this alone.

Is it an addiction? An illness you won’t accept? Is it a failing marriage? An old conflict? Feeling like a failure in your job or even job loss? Think you are not a good enough mother? What is it that makes you lie awake at night and not allow you to move forward in your life.

I am so glad that through all of my pain and suffering with my autoimmune disease, which has caused me to feel so many emotions; I still have a strong support system. Not only do I have my earthly friends and family but I have God to hand over my burdens. I can ask him to take those from me so that I can grow as a person. With God, I am enough. I am no longer paralyzed by the sounds or problems anymore. I may still lie awake sometimes but now I chat with God about my blessings and how I will always need His help in those weak moments. I no longer worry what people say about me. I don’t worry about the friends I don’t have; I focus on the ones I do. When we focus only on loss, we begin to empty our healthy mental tank.

It is safe to say that my faith is what got me through these last few years of pain and suffering physically. Faith and worship are what has refilled my tank over and over again. Physical weaknesses can lead to mental weaknesses and you begin to think you aren’t enough. You begin to think life is a dictionary full of negative words. There seems like no light without God.

Why is it that way? I have always said I would rather believe and love my Lord and go to Heaven in the end then be wrong and just stay put. I choose to live my life for Him. I choose to live my life full of hope, healing, love, peace, and understanding. With God as your focus it is much easier to get out from under the covers. It is much easier to erase the negative words from your lips. It is much easier to know that even though the trials are the same and the fear sometimes creeps up; I am enough!